From a Happy Parent


Just to let you know, that I took our DAUGHTER, 9 yrs, severe autism and sld, to your outing to Twin Lakes for the February half term break. I was a bit hesitant, and with a friend, decided we would take her for something to do during the school break.

Although she was only able to cope with 2 1/2 hours (and wore ear defenders), Angela absolutely loved the 3 smaller rides in the building (can't remember the name) that housed the little train, the spinning teacups, and the floating barrels! She smiled and really was happy on each ride (and went on several times). She enjoyed some chips for lunch in the noisy food area (ear defenders really helped) before her anxiety started to show, then it was time to go home.

We were home by 1.30pm that day. I was so pleased, and since her 9th birthday was coming up on Saturday, my husband and I decided to take her there for the most part of the morning and early afternoon as her own special b/day treat! Of all her birthdays, I would say this was the first time we actually did something SHE enjoyed, and it was special for her! Most birthdays are just family gatherings, so this was just special for HER.

So thank you very much for organising this event, it was a "trial run" for HER and our family, one which turned out for the best.

Many thanks,

Trips to Woburn abbey safari park,

Great central railway Loughborough,

Plantasia, Local Theatres,

Twin lakes, Century cinema etc....


Our trip to Woburn Safary Park was our first trip with Miracles to Believe in.  I was very nervous as I had never travelled alone with OUR SON age 6.  I didn't sleep very well night before our trip worrying about how I would manage alone.  Once we got on the coach I felt quite supported, even before I talked to anyone - people understood us, accept us.  I felt people accepted, understood OUR SONS'odd behaviour and tantrums'.  I remember OUR SON ran away from me and one of the parents told me which direction he went.  I felt relieved knowing people looked out for each other.  


Just wanted to thank you for a wonderfull day, today we all really had a nice stress free day with the boys, from first getting on the coach we felt relaxed, because everyone was in the same boat and no one was judging.


Can't wait for the next trip.


UP! at the Phoenix.


Thank you for your email.  The room was perfect.  A staff member even came to ask if the sound was acceptable.  Which I thought was great.  XXX really struggles with noise level at cinema and this time he didn't need headphones on.  The bean bags were wonderful idea - the kids were well chilled!  It was just great we all felt at home and relaxed.  This was the first time that XXX didn't run out of the room, and he was able to watch the whole film whilst he moved around the room.  He was well chilled lying on one of the bean bags.

It also gave opportunity for parents to chat and have a drink and a snack without running after kids.

We were all well chilled - this doesn't often happen away from home.


A new experience- it was fantastic . we where allowed drinks and food!. really chilled I sat against a bean bag on the floor-very comfy. The autistic children where being them selves and one was walking around but it didn't bother us. the children all spoke to each other.


 hiya thanks, it was the first I could relax myself without worrying about my son talking thru film etc!

thanks again & look fwd to more viewings


Thanks for yesterday. Couldn't find you yesterday after the film to say thanks. XXX enjoyed it and was happy throughout. I think we'd like to come to another animated film if you hold one again,